Learn better
by working together

Back & Forth is an open source platform that lets you create interactive,
team-based experiences wherever you want them.

How it works

  1. Choose a location:

  2. Create your script

  3. Publish your scenario!

Why choose for Back and Forth

Inclusive and collaborative

We designed our content so that there is never a team leader when playing the game. Content is equally distributed amongst the team, requiring everyone to work together.

Simple, synchronized solution

Back & Forth features a simple, text message-based interface that allows teams of any size to synchronize the content with one another's device. Best of all, we're built to run as a web application in a mobile browser, so no app download is required.

Multiple educational settings

Our software is open source so we are modifiable to a wide array of educational applications. Whether it's student orientations, event navigation, classroom activities, museums, tours, or conferences, we only require that there are multiple people involved, there is a single mission or common goal, and that it takes place in a single physical location.

Open source software for all educational experiences

We want to make collaborative learning experiences accessible to everyone. Our software is open source and free for anyone to modify and use.

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About Back & Forth

Back & Forth wants to elevate educational experiences by providing an interactive, team-based, and gamified approach to learning.

Our open source software was born out of the Global Reporting Centre, an organization focused on innovating global journalism.

For more information visit The Global Reporting Centre.

What to expect next

Project Investigation

We start by getting to know you, your chosen location, users, and the intended end goal of your experience. Then, we'll determine the best approach to creating your content.

Collaborative Creation

Need a little help creating content or fine-tuning the software? We help with everything from developing a custom user interface to creating content and hosting the application.

Integrate your Experience

We provide basic training to help you easily and effectively put your experience in the hands of your students. We are also standing by post-launch to offer additional support if needed.